Foraging: There's an App for That!

Fall is the perfect time of year for foraging--it's a beautiful time with all of these lovely elements of nature are at their seasonal peak as they are about to go dormant for winter. Nuts, berries, mushrooms, and grass are just a few of the things you can forage for. And foraging is an excellent way to get yourself and your family out of doors before it turns too cold. I always say that foraging should start in your backyard, but feel free to take a hike!

The first rule of thumb with foraging is knowledge. Picking the wrong berry or mushroom can be a dangerous mistake. Thankfully, in this bright and shiny age of technology, information about what it's safe to forage for is right at your fingertips because now, there IS an app for that! You can read about my favorite foraging apps in this article via HGTV Gardens by Danny Bonvissuto.

Also in this article you will find a recipe for this Farmer's Garden Wassail--a delicious seasonal tea that utilizes juniper berries, something you will definitely encounter on your fall foraging adventures! Happy foraging, y'all!

Quick & Dirty: Foraging Meets the Future | HGTV Gardens | Danny Bonvissuto