QVC: In the Kitchen with David

ITKWD or “In the Kitchen with David” is the top rated cooking show on QVC that sells everything you could EVER want, need, dream of or not even know you need! I’d seen my friends Brandon Branch and Mrs. Paula on the show along with other authors and cooks I know or have read and always thought that such an opportunity would be so fun. Y’all, it was!!!

The opportunity presented itself several months ago and the lead time was an amazing process. Conference calls, trips to Pennsylvania for training, recipe selection, planning, planning and more planning all took time and energy to build up to the big day. If y’all are every by chance in the West Chester, PA neck of the woods, stop in and take a QVC tour – it is unbelievable in size, scale, logistics and production!

David Venable is a terrific host – warm, jovial and Southern too! Such a trait was a relief, considering that my recipe selection involved Mac-n- Cheese, Fried Okra and Sour Cream Biscuits! And, not to brag – never mind I’m bragging – my food was awarded THREE “Happy Dances” from David himself – tied for the record! Grown-up Dirt Cake, Cornmeal Catfish, Chocolate Ganache Poundcake – y’all I had enough food there for Pharaoh’s Army to feast! The food stylist and kitchen crew did an amazing job bringing my recipes to life and staging the table too! I LOVED that after the quick eight minutes of air-time, the camera and production crew descended on the table and feasted in a frenzied fashion! They kept going on and on about how good it all was… I simply told them to come on Down South for more!


The build up to air-time, the prep, the planning and the travel were all worth it! I hope y’all caught a glimpse of yours truly on ITKWD on QVC – it was the chance of a lifetime! I am so thankful for such an opportunity and hope to have another chance one day. Until, then, I’ll be cooking from Dinner on the Grounds and dancing a “Happy Dance” or two of my own… and maybe cooking from the pans I ordered and slicing, dicing, chopping and chiffonading from the knifes I bought too! Ha!