Too much of a good thing is a really good thing, right? For my sister Sarah Margaret, who we called “Maggie May” in honor of the month she was born and as a nickname of Margaret, a drink fit for a Southern Belle is apropos.

May’s drink of choice, a Mayflower, is a combo of good things she treasures and I dare not say it’s too much! Just the right amount of goodness mixed together for an absolutely lovely drink.

Playing off the colors of zinnias, hydrangeas, and even some Poke Sal, such a pretty little drink is totally in key with vintage tea towels and garden flowers – much like Maggie May herself. This Mayflower totes no Pilgrims but carries notes of sweet summer fruit juices and a garnish almost too pretty to eat – do eat it though, for it plays on the floral and fruit essence found in this Mayflower. Enjoy a simple, elegant Mayflower for a nod to sipping and savoring the delights of fruit juice and nectar. 

Equal Parts (1 cup to start):
Peach Nectar
Pineapple juice
Cranberry juice
Green tea
1/3 cup rosemary syrup

Blackberries, peach wedges, pineapple chunks and rosemary sprigs for garnish
Mix the juices, green tea and syrup together and chill or serve over ice. Fresh flowers and fun linens make it all that more special and festive.

***Rosemary Syrup***

This can also be done with thyme, mint, basil, etc… 
Dissolve one cup of sugar with one cup of water over medium heat. Add a few sprigs of rosemary and allow the herb to steep with the syrup until the sugar is completely dissolved and the syrup clear – about 5 minutes. Don’t boil for you may make candy!