Ciao! Huevos Rancheros Bruschetta, Ya’ll

I’m a firm believer in the adage that a tiny plot can feed a whole lot! Granddaddy’s tomatoes keep rolling in and BLT’s, pies, sauce, and simply sliced dishes of tomatoes are abounding on our tables. 

Mimi, as is her custom, has toast and tea every morning for breakfast..... as her grandmother did. Sourdough buttered and toasted and glazed with a seasonal spread is de rigueur. Taking the tone from the toast in the iron skillet and the tomatoes on the windowsill (Mimi and Granddaddy always have tomatoes on their windowsills May through October), the cultures of Italy and Deep Down Dixie merge for a delicious starter, meal or snack that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed this summer. The addition of an over easy egg gives a huevos rancheros nod to the dish and a dose of protein too. ¡Olé!'! 

As a fan of breakfast for supper, this dish is at home to kick off the day or cap the day or really anytime in between. Taking literally a few minutes to prepare, you’ll love the way the egg yolk nods along with the tomato and basil sing-a-long. The crusty sourdough toast soaks up all it can and give you an excuse to use your hands to scrape the last bit with the crust. Leave off the egg for a traditional bruschetta that is nothing shy of divine.

Let the cultures collide and serve this dish to your friends and family while the garden tomatoes are at their best. Fresh garden basil displays its magic with tomatoes and garnishes the plate quite lovely as well. A dose of Dixie, some Italian flare, and zest from Spanish culture make a most delicious dish. From our garden and table to yours, happy summer ya’ll!

Summer Garden Bruschetta

3-4 pieces of sourdough slices cut in half
3-4 garden tomatoes
Small bunch of basil leaves
Salt, pepper, olive oil
Garlic salt
Creole Seasoning
Eggs (one egg for each slice of bread)
  • Toast the halved sourdough with some olive oil or butter.
  • Chop the tomatoes and basil and mix with a splash of olive oil. Season to taste with salts, pepper, and Creole Seasoning. Allow mixture to sit and rest for the salts will draw juices from the tomatoes.
  • Spoon tomato mix over toast. Garnish with basil.
  • Place over-easy egg on top of tomatoes and serve warm. Enjoy!