Vichyssoise and Butter Crackers

“William and Kate had trees. Y’all will have trees.” Famous last words from this Farmer to his pals TJ and Catherine. 

When my friends asked me to be a part of their wedding, I was truly flattered. The Avett Brothers song “January Wedding” started playing in my mind when they set their date for this past January. The only design challenge was how to transform the Piedmont Driving Club into the winter wonderland of Catherine’s dreams.

(behind the scenes photos)

PDC is an institution in Atlanta. I can remember going to “the club” as a child with friends of my parents and tasting the famous vichyssoise and butter crackers – a favorite Atlanta lunch to this day! Over the years, PDC has seen a multitude of weddings and events, so thus my charge from the blushing bride was to make it somewhat unique from past nuptials and parties. Enter my famous last words again – “William and Kate had trees. Y’all will have trees.” 

I loved how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding was a floral fanfare but not overdone with flowers. Trees from the Royal Arboretum were used for their special day and thus inspired my design moxy for PDC. The Driving Club has gorgeous, classic Southern architecture and impeccable interiors set by legendary Atlanta designers such as Dan Carithers and Jackye Lanham. Embracing the main ballroom’s stately, yet simply elegant décor and architecture was thus completely apropos. 

Large planter boxes reminiscent of those I’ve seen in orangeries and conservatoires were anchored at each column and planted with ficus trees casually lit with twinkling lights and washed softly with spotlighting. A classic color scheme of green and white with nods to cream and chartreuse too filled the ballroom and Georgian Room buffets. Cymbidium and phaleonopsis orchids scented the air with their peppery floral notes. White amaryllis trumpeted the season from their lofty stalks as did limbs of agarista, budded willow and camellia greenery. 

White hydrangeas along with a myriad of white to cream to green roses in silver julep cups dotted the tables scattered around the ballroom. David Austen roses, tightly bound into a bouquet, were carried by the bride. I absolutely love how full these roses are as well as how fantastic they smell – they smell like a true rose! 

For the altar, tone on tone white linens set the scene under a clear tent in the main courtyard. Large, white temple jars billowed forth their contents of greenery, flowers and winter branches. White hydrangeas, lime green cymbidium orchids, roses, amaryllis Hurricanes and pillar candles and tea lights dotted across the altar and cast a romantic glow for the ceremony. The bridesmaids all carried bouquets of mixed roses and hydrangea in keeping with the floral scheme throughout. 

Dinner and dancing followed the ceremony and a fabulous time was had by all. Though the vichyssoise was not a part of the buffet, the famous PDC butter crackers were – classics never go out of style, y’all! My team and I were so honored to be a part of such a classic affair celebrating the marriage of two of my dearest friends, and will fondly remember the night each and every time I visit the club. I hope y’all enjoy these photos from a night we all will truly remember! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Callaway!