Welcome to my blog All Things Farmer

A glass of tea, sweetened, and garnished with lime; a garden lined with boxwoods and brimming with bouquets to be cut and arranged; a meal prepared with seasonal flair and flavored with soul; a home for comfort, classicism, and personal style…all things of delight, all things of warmth, all things of provenance… all things Farmer.

I am a born and raised child of the South. Being reared in Middle Georgia has steeped my personality in a bath of all things Southern. Hailing from the peach laden fields and muddy river portion of south central Georgia, I, James T. Farmer, III, have been so blessed to call this little bucolic spot my home.

Being a "third" equips a man with a mantle of legacy and an endowment from each generation. Traits, personality, and hobbies are infused genetically and were nurtured by family. Both grandfathers are green thumbed men and my Mimi has taught me so much in the kitchen. My education from my grandparents is priceless and those who know me know my family.

As a board certified and licensed landscape designer, I practice my profession from my home office and now a storefront in Montgomery, Alabama; thus, in turn, serving a clientele base from Montgomery to Sea Island to Highlands and Cashiers and many of the towns, hamlets, and settlements in between: all from my little epicenter in Kathleen, Georgia. Where is Kathleen? It’s the unincorporated pecan grove between Warner Robins, Perry, and Hawkinsville – all major factors in my life and pieces of home.

Third generation alum of Auburn, the "rolling plains of Dixie" are near and dear to my heart as well as the hearts of so many of my kin. In fact, it is only in Auburn where I have truly felt the heart-warmth of home outside my hometown. But, it is my hometown and my family that has laden me with stories and tales, knowledge and bull, and the love of beauty and nature that I truly love to share.