farmer and style

Meredith and Me!

Allow me to introduce y’all to my baby sister’s blog – Farmer and Style. Meredith has been brainstorming on some fun ideas for her blog for a while now, and just before the holidays, she launched it. I am so proud of her poise and passion for beauty and fashion and her “grandma chic” sense of style. Both of my sisters and I truly feel that if our Mimi – our grandmother – or her friends may have decorated with it, dressed in it or entertained with it, then that is chic enough for us too – all with a little twist.

From leggings and cute outfits to tabletops and fashion tips, Meredith’s blog is an outlet for her personal style to blossom. She works at a local boutique that a dear friend of mine owns – a place where she has worked since high school! Two Friends is an institution in Downtown Perry and I am thrilled for Meredith to exercise her fashion prowess and inclination for stylish clothes too. But there is something else that I am so proud of Meredith for – far beyond her style – I’m proud of her bravery and her heart.

Mere has had a kidney disease since she was a baby – a fluke, random strain of E. coli attacked her kidneys when she was two. We have always known that one day, her kidney function would decrease to the point of not working at all, and a transplant would be needed. That “one day” has approached us, and this fall, our sister Maggie, our daddy and yours truly here all tested to see if we would be a match. Brubbs was the perfect match! I’m a THRILLED that I get to donate one of my kidneys to Mere – and I am even more excited to see how she has handled this situation with remarkable grace and a pleasant attitude and a positive outlook far wiser and mature than her age.

I want, of course, y’all to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on the amazing journey that is a kidney transplant this February. I want y’all to keep up with Meredith and her blog and watch how she heals and inspires other folks – whether through her fashion and style or simply by her spirit and determination to uplift others. Farmer and Style is an outlet for Meredith to keep her mind focused on her passion and on fun things too, but it is a source for many folks to gather their ideas and inspirations and even share their stories too.

For me, the question of giving her a kidney was not even a question but more so of an exclamation – when!!!???!!! The time is soon and we’re counting down the days to recovery and a healthy life for us all. Y’all keep up on our blogs and be sure to follow Farmer and Style. From this Farmer to y’all – thank you for your thoughts and prayers and best wishes – we are confident and blessed by them already!