baby Napp

Giddy Up, Yee Haw, Y’all!

Baby Napp turned one this past January. So naturally, when you turn one, you have a square dance, right? RIGHT!!!

Napp loves to dance. And, fortunately for him, he was born into the perfect family. We all love to dance – especially when no one is looking… that’s when my best moves, I feel, are perfected. I digress…

Whether one of us holds him and waltzes around the living room, or sashays around the dining room table with him, sways, shags, line dances or just grooves, this baby lights up and joins the fun! He just loves to dance. “Dance, Dance” we call it and he performs on cue. Since we have a pole barn pavilion on our land, a square dance was totally apropos.

From a fantastic Lisa Mae Cake (she makes all our special occasion confections) to hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixins, we ate and danced and played with all our friends all afternoon long! Pine trees in planter boxes and quilts and hay bales (and space heaters since it did get chilly) all filled the pavilion – along with the laughter of so many other babies and children.

I loved seeing Napp’s face light up when he saw his friends surround him and dance and even help him open his birthday presents. Many of his friends are the children of our friends - this simply makes the circles of friendship grow tighter and more special with each generation. Having our friends there along with their precious babies was fulfilling and heartwarming as it could be.

The kid in all of us did a dosey doe, clapped our heels and ate too much cake – and enjoyed Napp time… and nap time too afterwards!!!