James Farmer INC

A New Byrd in the Nest

There’s a new Byrd in our nest over at James Farmer Incorporated! Stacey Leigh Byrd has flown back home to Perrydise after an internship in the Big Apple. What is the next step after working in New York for almost a year? Why working at James Farmer Inc of course!

One of the many things I love about living and working in a small town is how information is garnered. One day, I was chatting with Mrs. Penny at the bank, asking her how her daughter, Stacey, was enjoying New York. Mrs. Penny informed me that Stacey’s internship was coming to a close and she would probably be returning home soon. I started thinking (a dangerous pastime) and scheming more so. Well, lo and behold, if I did not run into Stacey one day later in downtown Perrydise – right smack on Carroll Street and in front of JFI’s international HQ!

I said “Stacey, what are you doing home?” fully aware that Mrs. Penny had informed me of Stacey’s impending return. Stacey innocently replied that her internship had come to an end and she wanted to be back down South. She said she was “currently looking for a job…” Well, an interview and quick hiring later, Stacey joined the JFI team!

As members of Team JFI, we all wear many hats. Sami is my personal assistant and handles all my speaking and book signing engagements and helps on design installs. Laura Lyn is my office manager and my boss really, and helps on design installs. Jason gets the window treatments and paintings hung as well as finds the best grapevine for wrapping the storefront in the material when needed and of course helps on design installs. Stacey in now on staff a la JFI as my in house marketing guru and PR gal, as well as store manager, and helps with design installs. As you see, it is all hands on deck for install days!

I wanted to formally welcome this Byrd into the nest on the blog! She flocked in this summer and has proven herself quite capable of all the tasks at hand. Thank you Stacey for joining the team – we are all glad you’re on board! As my marketing and PR maven, she would want y’all to follow me and the shop on Instagram @jamestfarmer as well as James Farmer on Facebook and @allthingsfarmer on Twitter.  Tweet tweet tweet… literally for this Byrd!