Open House, Y'all!!

APlaceToCallHome- open house.jpg

A Place to Call Home … Welcome Home Y’all!... and an OPEN HOUSE!!!

With each book, I like to have a little “ditty” or some phrase with my signature. “Welcome Home Y’all” just seemed apropos.

From the moment you see the book, then engage in opening and further reading and gazing at the photographs, I wanted y’all to feel at home – welcomed into a comfortable place. My Mimi taught me that we “eat with our eyes first,” and whether it’s a pretty table, a beautifully plated meal or an image of an entire room, the visual feast starts with our eyes. I love Instagram and I still love a good magazine – but a design book is something special. The weight and the time and the value a book possesses is timeless as a resource and an element in your décor too. That I hope is a part of the “visual feast” with this book.

Good books become inspiration for the decades. I have stacks of design and architecture books from over the years, and I hope that A Place to Call Home will be in similar stacks around the country. A good book educates and entertains its audience, but I hope that this book will inspire us all as well. I want us to be inspired to celebrate our history and heritage, to cherish our belongings, proudly display our collections and create homes that become our calling cards and reflections of the Southern hallmark of hospitality.

Next to a good book, is touring a house! Taking in the sites of it all! I love a good house tour – my grandparents took me on many a foray across the South and toured places of interest. I caught that bug, and still relish some time to tour and see for myself the lay of the land and a home’s nuances. With that in mind, the home on the cover of the book will be open for an OPEN HOUSE next Wednesday, September 6 to celebrate the launch of A Place to Call Home! I hope y’all can make it! We’ll have a few sips and snacks too! See more here!