A new book and a launch party!

So my vow to blog more started off with all the good intentions of that notion and fizzled… melted like ice cream on a hot peach cobbler. Fourteen months later, here’s a new post!

 I still believe that Instagram (which I LOVE) killed my blogging – like the Titanic being sunk by lots of little punctures from that iceberg … lots of little posts sent the blog sinking down, down, down. Nonetheless, I do love to write (and blog) and I have a stack of blog posts to get out of my head and heart … bear with me y’all! Bear/bare… they’re, their, there… I vs me… homonyms and grammar… that’s a post soon… I digress…

A Place to Call Home is out very soon! I am ecstatic! I know I’ve written a few books previously, but this one showcases what James Farmer Designs practices – Southern-style interior design, creating comfortable and traditional homes for families and paying homage to our history and heritage. So, here is the cover of the new book.

It is our project in Newnan, Georgia. A grand dame of a home with all the provenance of a Southern belle from good people! Built in 1850, this antebellum beauty served as a country style home set in town – a lovely town I might add. Unadorned from too many “revival” embellishments, this home is truly a jewel box – untouched and ready for a new chapter. Not that surviving the Civil War, serving as a hospital then too, and standing the tests of time through the gingerbread-crazed architecture Victorian era was enough, this home sailed through the turn of the century, two World Wars, the Cold War, Civil Rights, avocado and harvest gold of the 70’s and 80’s and even managed to remain preserved into the early 21st century – all to my delight and honor to then be a part of the home’s story.

Old pictures showed us the sodded walkway and the cedar shake roof. We kept those elements as hallmarks of the unpretentious style. Southern antebellum architecture is truly grand – but not to be showy or ostentatious per se – well maybe a tad – but high ceilings need high columns and porches, piazzas and verandas were methods of cooling down the house and its inhabitants. So, a bit of grandeur did become a signature of Southern-style, but the elements such as grassy walkways, cedar shake roofs and potted plants along the porches made many the houses seem to say “welcome home, y’all.”

So, here we are, about a month from the official launch of the new book’s release. We have a soft launch planned at James Farmer, Inc. in downtown Perry on Thursday, August 31, but wait… there’s more!

 We have a super fun party planned at this home for the official launch of A Place to Call Home. This house was without a doubt the image in my mind for the cover and the perfectly apropos spot to launch the new book. We’ll have docents to open the home and cocktails in the backyard – a true Southern OPEN HOUSE celebrating the new book! Tickets will be sold and details can be found at www.jamesfarmer.com – we cannot wait! Hope to see y’all then!

And remember, y’all can preorder the book at www.jamesfarmer.com/shop and I sign every book sold on my website. Check in with the website and Instagram for posted signings and events too!