The Farmer in the DAL!


“The Farmer in the Dal…The Farmer in the Dal…” it was in my head all week long y’all! And I loved every minute of it!

Dallas is one of my absolute favorite cities. I like genuine, unapologetic places – and the Big D is genuinely unapologetic about being all things fabulous. Over the top architecture, interiors and gardens – sure they’re quite entertaining – but even the grocery stores are bigger in Texas! But what I especially love about Dallas is the people – and a few friends in particular who have loved and supported me so much and hosted a fantastic book signing party for me at their home.


Elizabeth Carlock Phillips and her mother Laura B. Carlock invited a “who’s who” roster of friends in Dallas to attend a gathering toasting my new book. It was a true highlight! This duo is now branded as “Lolli and Me” and their website, blog, brand and persona is just beyond wonderful. These ladies garner from Lolli’s (Laura’s grandmama name her grandchildren call her) Southern roots and entertain in true Dallas style – with hearts as big as their hair!

Elizabeth and her husband Kevin have become close friends of mine too. Traveling together over the summer really bonds folks, and I’m glad to tag along with them anytime! From the perfect bites to nibbles to glasses of bubbly champagne, the book singing party was a perfect salut to my week ahead in Texas. Mothers and daughters attended the party and gal pals from across the city too made way to Lolli’s house, where I was able to sign books for them and give Texas a dose of my Southern style!


I cannot thank Elizabeth and Lolli enough! From there, my week in Texas was set! I had great food and I was surrounded by great flowers too – but like I will always say, it is the folks that make it! That’s true for any town or city, but Dallas in particular has a special hold. “The Farmer in the Dal… The Farmer in the Dal…” you’re welcome if it’s stuck in your head too!

Enjoy some highlights of the event with these pics below!