A few months ago, I saw the writing on the wall… a major writing deadline looming, a travel schedule taking me from ATL to ST Lou to Palm Beach and ere’where in between within a few weeks and, well, February 24… Mama AND Mimi’s birthday. In fact, Mema, my great-grandmother’s birthday was that day too… three generations on the same day. This day is now tough on my sisters and me and we have decided that we need to scoot out of town – together – on that day and go somewhere fun. Somewhere fun, somewhere beautiful and somewhere we could eat at George’s several times… that meant we were off to 30a.

30a and Cashiers are places where I am as happy as I am in Perrydise. There is something soulfully peaceful and homey and comforting about this particular stretch of the Gulf. Mama loved it, Mimi loved the Gulf and so do we three. And how could anyone not? Sugary white sand, water that runs the spectrum from aqua to lapis to turquoise to silver and every shade in between and gorgeous homes too! And the sunsets… need I say more? Plus, we have friends who are so dear there, so we thus have a reason to get out of our pajamas – that we’ve been in ALL DAY –  and get dressed for dinner.

This latest trip was to refuel and rest and even write. I love writing where I am inspired by nature – the beach and the mountains are where I retreat to write and reflect and recharge. I love the pace I set when writing at these places and having something majestic like a red sky sunset over metallic, shimmery waters. Or maybe knowing that I can stretch after writing for hours with sand between my toes and the lulling sound of waves crashing in my ears – I think that sound infiltrates our souls too.

A change of pace and a change of scenery – that is healing for so much that ails me and many of y’all too. Maggie and Meredith and I needed and will always need time together as siblings – time to laugh and cry and eat at George’s every chance we can. Zach and Napp joined us later in the week as did the Gardins – our sibling set of best friends we’ve had literally our whole lives. But something was very special about those few days just the Farmer children together. Mama always told us that we were her heart personified – I think that heartbeat beats truer, more lovingly and stronger when we’re together.