Farmdale Update!

Well, y’all, it has been a while since I’ve blogged about Farmdale. If any of y’all have built a house from the ground up, then you know that the stress, anxiety, worry, decisions and minutia associated therein… and that is just in picking out door hardware!

And, the construction progress has taken longer than projected, cost more than expected and sent me into the near NBD (nervous breakdown) mode many – MANY - a time. So, in all honesty, the joy of the journey even feels robbed or tarnished… but… somehow – somewhere –  there is a turning point. Is that turning point when you see your marble counter tops installed in your bathroom? Is it when the interior doors are hung? Is it when that stack of lumber in your dining room suddenly disappears because it is now your trim, baseboards and door casings. Maybe it is…

Maybe it is when you order gravel for your new driveway. That’s honestly what it was for – a literal turning point. I literally was turning my suburban around and around to map out the driveway. That is the turning point proper for me with Farmdale.

I sited my house along an axis with a large Red Oak tree. For a few years, I have noticed this tree in the woods and thought it would be great to line a house with it – especially capturing the tree from the home’s entry and vice versa. Construction crews, water and nature make their own trails and drives, thus I had to remind myself of the original idea I had for the driveway and approach to Farmdale. I wanted a flair off of our main drive that leads to my aunt and uncle’s home, a roundabout around the Red Oak tree and an axial lineup with Farmdale Lane and Farmdale proper.

This idea gives me pockets to plant trees and shrubs and tons of ferns one day. The drive then meanders on to the one day carport, future motor court and  prospective, potential and hopeful guest house. Emphasis y’all on the words one day, future and prospective, potential and hopeful!!!

All in all, a turnaround of sorts happened on Farmdale Lane. Let’s hope for continued progression, y’all! In the meantime, here are some pics of the latest happenings. Marble and tiles in the showers and bathroom floors, Benjamin Moore “Linen White” on just about every wall (grasscloth will be on every sheetrock wall of course), pine shiplap paneling in the kitchen and as wainscoting in the living room and dining room, heart pine floors down and awaiting sanding and finishing and beams and more cabinets coming in soon!

And… I’m hosting an engagement party next weekend… y’all pray we have running water! It’ll be a memorial time for sure!