A Time to Celebrate!!!

It is a time to celebrate for this Farmer! A Time to Celebrate will be out September 1, 2015! I am thrilled! Cooking, recipes, entertaining and Southern stories will all meld together in this thrilling opportunity for publication! I am so thankful to have a publisher and audience willing to print and support these books – it is so flattering and inspiring!

The theme of this book is to “let us continue the feast.” I have always loved this line from the Book of Common Prayer and simply cherish saying the line during communion. I feel that as Southerners, we “continue our feasts” throughout the year – give us a reason to celebrate (and eat!!) and we are ecstatic. We as a people are known for our hospitality, which I truly believe is an extension of our graciousness and hallmark of our culture.

Whether we are celebrating the union of marriage and thus two families becoming one or perhaps the first birthday of a darling child, we love to have a party… especially if there is a cake involved! Retirement, showers, birthdays and the seasons all give us reasons to celebrate. Even a Sunday night at home too is reason enough to unwind and refuel for the coming week.

May we ever be known for such graciousness and hospitality and parties! In turn, we as a people end up feeding folks both body and soul – a feast truly worth continuing! Y’all enjoy some behind the shots from our photo shoots! Trust me, they are a ton of fun and the leftovers aren’t so bad either!