Sunsets have always moved me almost to tears. As the sun sets upon 2013, I wish all the best for y'all this new year. Recharging body and soul are vital, and I find the mountains and gulf both invigorating.

I wrote this poem this past summer while vacationing at Seagrove, and as the last drops of light slipped beneath the glassy Gulf this New Year's Eve, I felt it only apropos to read it again and toast to 2013. The year brought amazing highs and depths of lows I've never known, but the sun kept setting each day and rose shortly thereafter.

New dawns, new days, New Years... May they all be happy.

It changes every second,
It's liquid more than light.
Colors, tints and hues and shades
Melt before in pure delight.

What hues they are I cannot tell,
But cast and caught beneath its spell, I gaze with wonder, with awe and zeal.

Thus another day has dawned
and thus another day has set,
and I pray for no regret,
That in hope this day has found me wholly true and wholly blessed,
simply for I lived to see it set.

This day no more shall mark my brow
Nor rouse my heart to beat anew
For the sin or good my soul allowed,

For beneath the sinking, silky sky, I am renewed and must ask why?
Why did I receive the glory
of seeing the heavens declare Your story?

Of mastering the art of time and place, and feel the glow upon my face
I am but man who's day has set,
A son who's sun has ended nigh,
But garnered a promise from on high, that when I wake, with mercies anew, the lights of heaven will still be true.

Sun come set and crown each day,
With feasts of color and awesome sway,
For when we see you vanish beyond the shore, we are reminded that once more,

You'll crest the coming dawn with shades
that words are too afraid
To capture wholly or truly tell
And remind us again
for why we're made,

To glorify and praise
the One who let the sun rise
and in balance made the sun set.