Hanging Plates

Hanging plates - my favorite decorating pastime. Designers either have a love or hate take on plates on the wall.

I'm traditional, classic and of course LOVE a plate display arranged artfully and hung on the wall. Give me a blank brick wall and I'm near about weak in the knees to hang something on it- plates notwithstanding.


Blue Willow and majolica- two of this Farmer's favorite types of china pattern and ceramic style respectively. Starting with my pivot point of a Blue Willow platter, I anchored the trunk of this tree with my vertical components. This is my MO when hanging plates.

For my side flanks, I used a pair of old barn wood brackets with a pair of Chinese export birds perched atop the patina laden sconces. This pair of birds is more so a fraternal pair or a mated pair since the male and female are represented closer to natural size. It breaks the perfect symmetry but doesn't detour from balance.

Now for some feather edge plates. Next to Blue Willow and majolica, I adore feather edge plates and platters. This English ironstone style is lovely and white with a feathered edge in blue or green usually. Two of this style plate bring out the white in the blue and white and the green in the majolica.


Last but not least, a pair of Blue Willow plates anchors the bottom flange of the arrangement and serves as visually weighty complements to the feather edge plates.


Remember, balance is key to aesthetic delight. Akin to a plate laden with luscious food- we eat with our eyes first. When the sight is visually appealing, the effect is a positive resonance for our mind and for those who love design, our hearts.

Additionally, triangulation is integral for geometric consistency and further aesthetic appeal. This form provides visual comfort and support and both asymmetrical and symmetrical balance with acute, obtuse and right angles. I barely passed any math class but excelled in geometry- that's the math and science combo I comprehend completely- especially when broken down for interior or garden design.

Furthermore, complements such as sweet and salty are fantastic for cooking and complementary elements fair well in design. In this case, porcelains and bricks- so much fun!

Give me a blank wall, some plates and hangers and you'll have one happy Farmer!