Late Summer Garden Gems

The summer garden is waning. The zinnias are still blooming but the stalks look awful. The basil is peaked and bolting and the ‘maters have just about tapped out. Peppers are still coming in (I love how you can neglect peppers and they keep on keeping on) and our evergreen stalwart rosemary is doing just fine.


This time of year is a super time to plant your fall garden for the Deep South. Greens such as collards, lettuces, turnips and cabbage can still be planted now and will thrive well in winter for those of us deep down in Dixieland. Fall or cooler season herbs like sage, chervil and parsley are awesome additions to the garden and look wonderful planted in pots too.


Fall is THE TIME to plant for a splendid spring. Planting snapdragons, foxgloves and spring blooming bulbs like daffodils during the autumnal season will assure an amazing array of blooms for the coming spring. Remember this Farmer’s adage – for a fabulous fall, plant in spring and for a splendid spring, plant in fall.


I think the zinnias will spindle and toil on into the autumn but probably not with the veracity of their summer cadence. The basil though bolted can have those blooms topped off and still survive until frost. The green peppers may just stay on the bush a little longer and become seasonally apropos with their skins turning orange and reddish hues.

Snip some bolted basil, some rosemary and stuff the stems into a great vase for a bouquet garni of magnificent aromas. Loving the “Rewined Candles”, I’m now using the empty votives as vases. The tones and shades of greens with the bottle and the herbs makes me smile. I hope the close of summer brings a smile to you too.

From this Farmer’s garden to yours, happy fall!