A Circle Through the Seasons

“They had mismatched manger scenes at incredibly low prices. I cleaned them out of Baby Jesuses, which I made into ornaments!” 

                               – Annelle, Steel Magnolias
                                      Annelle then proudly holds up her wreath of Baby Jesuses…

I guarantee ya’ll that when you think about wreaths, you think about the Holidays. If it is a post-Holiday time,  then the wreath is probably some tacky tribute to the season or holiday (we’ve all seen them and maybe even decked our doors with them – fake wreaths, with fake flowers, with fake greenery, with fake fruit… glittery shamrocks, or, “…mismatched manger scenes…”), but I truly wish for each season to have a symbolic representation in our homes. Wreaths provide that first and last impression at our doors, as tabletop centerpieces or wall accents.

My publisher, Gibbs Smith, and I had the idea for a book on wreaths. With the Southern Living story last December and many tv segments on the topic, I found that wreaths need not be just for the holidays. Wreaths can be for all seasons!  With that in mind, here’s a peek of the wreath book. Avaliable nationwide in home boutiques and bookstores alike, I hope ya’ll find a wreath for your door to welcome in any season!

Intro excerpt… 

When Granddaddy performs marriage ceremonies, he always gives the couple these words, “The ring is an outward and visible sign…” an outward, visible sign – what lovely connotation for the description of a wedding ring!

A ring – whether made from metal, fibers, flowers or foliage – has been ceaselessly used as the symbol of eternal devotion – a circle neither ending nor beginning. They may be seen as a mark and token of victory, the crowing glories of a championship match, race or athletic feat or merely as a crown period – looping souvenirs of accomplishment and note.

The vows continue, for the ring – the circle – is a sign, “of an inward and spiritual bond which unites two loyal hearts in endless love.” The rings “represent something continuous like the unbroken circle that they are… something beautiful and lasting…”

I have always been fascinated by these words, by the imagery and symbolism rings represent. Granddaddy urges the newlyweds to “Look at the rings often and as you do remember the promises you make today…” which further delightful to hear. Hearing Granddaddy as celebrant commissioning new couples with such celebratory words, leads my imagination towards other rings of symbolism and meaning – wreaths…”

I’ll be traveling and speaking across the South this fall and hope to see ya’ll on the road. Fall is teasing us and I’m ready for my favorite season. I’m sure there will be wreaths aplenty! See ya’ll soon!

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