Holiday 2011

Well ladies and gents, this book tour has come to a close for 2011 and this Farmer is humbled by the reception my book and I have had across the country! We have slap sold out of books! Second printing coming soon!

I’ve been doing some fun decorating this season and wanted to share a few things with you. No shock here, but I am still obsessed with peach/salmon/ coral orange and how fab it looks for the holidays! Of course, you can’t forget red and green but mix them all together and you’ve got something pretty grand! From the julep cups filled with my favorite hues to mantles laden with holiday splendor, I hope you enjoy these pics! Another note of fun, I’m going to chat on Martha Stewart XM Radio on Monday, December 12, 2011 at 1 o’clock EST… hope you can catch it but if not, enjoy these tips for this marvelous season! Merry Merry!!!

1.       Remember the Rosemary! During the holidays, one of the quintessential herbs of the season, Rosemary is not only fabulous for flavor but great for décor as well. Rosemary pairs lovely with pork, chicken and beef but the savory nature can go sweet with apples, pears, and even pecans. Roasted Rosemary Pecans are a favorite and my Mimi’s Apple Pie with Rosemary and Pecans is divine! Even Rosemary Ice Cream is so good with desserts this time of year. I also love to use rosemary as greenery with red roses in julep cups for bouquets and also as a key ingredient in my Farmer’s Garden Wassail.


2.       A Twist on Traditional Red and Green – I love to use red and green for the holidays but a twist on this tradition is to take shades and hues of pinks or oranges and mix in for a splash of other colors. Taking peach and salmon colored amaryllis, tulip and roses and mixing them with cedar blue greenery gives a lovely touch to the classic color combo. Pink can be used in the same fashion and pairs so well with brown pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and lotus pods.


3.       Think green – tone on tone décor of greens is classic and crisp. Shades and hues of nature’s neutral color can be layered upon one another and accented with green fruit. Green apples, grapes, limes or pears tuck in boughs of pine, cedar, cypress and holly is simply divine! Going green is so chic! Wreaths, centerpieces, and mantles can be adorned in a green on green scheme that looks great well after the holiday too. Your friends and neighbors will be green with envy!


4.       Have a Blue Christmas – if red and green ain’t your thing, try a blue Christmas! Blue cedar berries, ligustrum or privet berries, blue cypress and even hydrangeas make gorgeous tableaus when set in silver containers, blue and white jardinières, or creamware. This cool palette is fantastic with an accent of chartreuse or lime green too. take some gorgeous blue and white jars, fill them with blue spruce, cedar berries and some blue hydrangeas and then garnish the ledge with a garland of the same, and you’ll have a blue Christmas that’s nothing shy of spectacular!

5.       Think Inside the Fruit – grapefruit, pomegranates, oranges, lemons and limes – so gorgeous inside and amazing with greenery and holly berries, this little slice of décor advice will take your bland holiday to the next level. Gorgeous coral, ruby red, garnet, jade green and topaz yellow colors, like jewels, are the actual inside colors of these fruits. Wired to wreaths, donned on mantles, and accenting centerpieces, make a statement with sliced fruit for your own holiday event!


6.       The Farmer’s Christmas Sweet Tea – a holiday twist on a classic Southern drink, this version of my sweet tea recipe will welcome you and your guests to the holiday table. Delicious hot or cold, serve this drink however you fancy or depending on the weather. If it is frightful, then serve warm. If you’re having a sunny, warm holiday, then iced is totally apropos. Scents from the season and garden fill this recipe and engage the senses to celebrate this time of year.

Whatever or wherever you are this Christmas season, I wish that all is Merry and Bright! From this Farmer’s kitchen and garden to yours, Merry Christmas!!

And just for are more pics.