Today Show Tableau

Well, this Farmer and his sisters traversed and trooped up to the Big Apple for the Today Show. Fun times had by all, but before the event could ensue, I had to have my dress rehearsal right here in Kathleen, Georgia!

I set the table, donning the board with fall’s finest fruits, flowers and foliage, all in prep for the live show the following week. I wasn’t nervous about the camera but more so whether or not the materials would all arrive (broken plates, check!!!) and the sort. Thankfully, enough materials were worthy for their debut after a cross country shipment, and I set the whole tablescape up again – this time in NYC and in Studio 1A at Rockefeller Center! Here’s an homage to autumn a la table top décor and my preliminary round for national TV!

Fruits, flowers and foliage –  the three “F’s” every tablescape needs. Croton leaves, dried hydrangeas, old fashioned asters, pomegranates, persimmons, and oranges and a myriad of  sundry garden accoutrements. Chargers of the seasons loveliest leaves, sweet potato soufflé topped with candied pecans and cranberries and served a l’orange, and apple votives nod to the season with flair. Julep cups filled with Apple Ginger Sparklers and garnished with candied ginger and cinnamon sticks further fill the scape with festive fun. With these drinks, Mr. Roker and I would toast to a happy fall!

Fall is my favorite season –  a Southerner’s reward for surviving the summer! With a tapestry the season’s elements woven for this tableau, it is truly a joy to celebrate this time of year. From this Farmer’s garden, kitchen, table, and the TODAY Show, Happy Fall, ya’ll!!!