Orange Ya Glad It’s Spring?!

“Salmon ya glad it’s spring” and “grapefruit ya glad it’s spring” just don’t have the same fun play on words that “orange ya glad it’s spring” denotes.

With the riotous cacophony of pink and lavender and white and yellow bursting forth as the vernal equinox as we know it, one of this Farmer’s favorite colors, a salmon/orange/coral/coppery tinged hue, is underscored in the spring landscape but still there in its slightest and even its boldest forms as well. From native azaleas, such as the Florida Flame, to pansies, snaps, tulips, and such, this fun color complements so many shades, hues, and tints on the spring stage.

Take my garden for example, Liberty ‘Bronze’ snaps are just starting to show color as the ‘Antique Shades’ and ‘Citrus Mix’ pansies are waxing. New fiddleheads of the autumn fern, the buds and early flowers of the coral ‘Knock Out’ rose, and the salmon-rust variegation in huechera leaves all play the tone-on-tone game quite beautifully. 

Often when making arrangements, I gather my stems, buds, and branches and allow them to condition, or take up water before arranging. A creamware dish served as my conditioning oasis before arranging in a silver rose bowl. Arrangers note: if you don’t have a silver rose bowl, find one! I have a small collection that I’ve inherited, stolen, borrowed, and found; and these little to medium sized containers make for excellent arrangement holders! They have a slotted top that gives support to buds and blooms and roses make wonderful mounds in them, but I use them for everything floral and cherish them so… I’ve even found them at antique and estate sales for next to nothing! A classic Southern staple for “doing flowers” as we say down here. I digress but with some progress I hope…

Arranging these darling buds in a rose bowl or leaving them in a dish floating and facing upward is just pleasing and delightful. The assortment of shades in my favorite color makes me smile that much more. I’m certainly glad it’s spring… orange you?