Fried Egg Sammich – The Breakfast of Champions

Mmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmm! A fried egg sammich! A Farmer’s fav! Good bread, good eggs, that bit of magic that happens when a slather of mayo warms on lightly toasted bread… eating doesn’t get much better than this! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or “brinner” (breakfast for dinner – a true delight every time), whenever you eat this sandwich, I’m sure it shall be pure revelry. 


My whole life, I’ve loved a good ol’ fried egg sandwich. Yet, I’m proud to say I’ve discovered how to perfect this dish to be sublime every time. I’ve always known that soft white bread was key, runny yolks were mandatory, and that Hellman’s ever so lightly spread brings  it all together.

Bread…  oh the goodness of plain ol’ white bread. Aside from homemade bread, just about the best bread in the free world is Pepperidge Farm’s Soft Oatmeal bread. Spongy and soft, slightly sweet, and reminiscent of true home baked bread, this bread is the perfect binding for this sandwich. Lightly toasted on one side allow the untoasted side to remain absorbent for the yolks that will burst upon first bite. This sandwich may be served open faced with a couple eggs on each face, but traditional sandwich style is totally apropos. 

Good eggs are major. I prefer the taste of organic eggs and milk because I prefer the actual taste… they taste like eggs or taste like milk…the way eggs and milk are supposed to taste. The eggs from my father’s farm are quite tasty, but if I’m out, my grocer’s cooler has eggs a plenty to choose from. While on the subject of eggs…

This may be a stretch, but hear out the Farmer. When this snack/meal/ perfect eat, is done right, the essence of Hollandaise sauce is at hand. Hollandaise sauce is egg yolks blended with butter. Egg yolk and butter can stand alone on their own merit taste wise, but combined, this duo is fabulous. With the little bit of mayo on the sandwich and salt and pepper on the egg, you’ve technically got the same ingredients in a hollandaise sauce, since the mayo has vinegar or lemon juice in it. The acid in the vinegar breaks down the fats in the yolk and butter, creating a taste that, when released on the palette, is just an explosion of tang, sweet, velvety richness, and depth. I know this is getting pretty technical for just an egg sammich, but it is the gospel truth my friends!

Now, frying an egg is an art as well. My flat iron skillet lightly greased with spray oil and then doused with some butter will give you the ideal bed for frying your eggs. If you are watching your weight, cutting back, etc etc etc this New Year, this may not be the sandwich for you, though I do use Smart Balance if that is any consolation!?  Cast iron holds heat so well, that you can start the fry then turn the heat down or off and watch the eggs cook evenly. I like the yolk runny but not cold, and eating in this fashion is fine. Of course you can crack the yolks and fry them too, but this is a matter of personal preference.

Gently salt and pepper your eggs, place them on the soft untoasted side of a slice of bread, lightly apply Hellman’s on the other, and make a sandwich. Duke’s, Blue Plate, Miracle Whip… all goes back to the personal preference issue again. Usually depends on what your mama used! Now that your sandwich is made, you may want to have a fork and knife handy: it can be messy. Any “knife and fork” kind of sandwich is a good sandwich.

With a glass of milk and a few Wickle’s Pickles, you’ve got yourself a fine, fine meal. From this Farmer’s kitchen to yours, enjoy yourself a fried egg sammich!