Wreath-O-Rama and other Holiday Decor

Well, it has commenced… the holiday frenzy of decking the halls is in full swing and this Farmer is on the action! When Talk Live in Washington, DC asked me for some ideas, I was glad to oblige. Here are some of my favorite wreath styles, ideas for holiday décor, and the video from the Talk Live segment. Enjoy! 

Click here to watch! 

Grocery Grandeur… with the holidays fast approaching and time running even faster, a great way to inject some pizzazz in your holiday tableau can be as close as your local grocery. Apples, artichokes, pomegranates, and citrus are fabulous ways to mix in seasonal fun. Here are a few ways to run to the market for a new spin on holiday décor!  

·         A cut above…try slicing pomegranates in half and using the exposed jewel toned fruit as a centerpiece and accent. The ruby red lusciousness will brighten any bouquet. As a garnish, these seeds and fruit are showstoppers and delicious as well!  
·         How about some sugar, Sugar?…Sugaring or coating fruit with a dusting of sugar will also give your table a sweet spin on the produce section’s best offerings. Plus, your guests can literally eat the décor if the dinner fails! Ha!  
·         Pomanders... an ancient way preserving fruit, make your own pomanders with oranges, lemons, and limes for an unbeatable aroma and stylish tablescape this holiday. By sticking the whole cloves in the fruit, you can make your very own designs for these classics…displayed in a great bowl, on the mantel, or as party favors, pomanders are sure bets for holiday success.  

Think Green for the Holidays… Green is the way to go for this holiday season. Holly, magnolia, pine, cedar, boxwood…the list goes on and on. Take some inspiration from the greens in your garden but with a twist on tradition this season.   

·         Cinnamon… the velvety backs of magnolias are reminiscent of cinnamon. Use the backs of these leaves with bunches of cinnamon sticks bound with raffia or ribbon for a tone on tone and natural contrast theme for your table top, mantel, or entryway.   
·         Green, green, green…Though a bowl of bright green apples is nice on its own, try nestling the green apples in a bed of moss in a vintage garden urn or pot. The contrast of greens is fresh and lasts well into the holiday season. Artichokes and limes make for great green accents as well and the contrasting textures is sure to be pleasing for you and yours  
·         Water is your greenery’s best friend…avoid having to replace crispy greens all throughout the season. Make a splash, literally, by arranging your greens in soaked oasis blocks or watertight containers to ensure your greenery’s longevity. A pair of great urns filled with water and bursting with stems of the holidays finest greens will make a lasting impression for you and your guests this season.  
·         Explore the nursery and garden center… cut greenery might not be at hand for everyone, so try using live plants for holiday delight. Rosemary, Norfolk pines, bromeliads, amaryllis, Paperwhites, and cyclamen all make marvelous garden nods to the holiday theme. A collection of your favorite holiday plants in terra cotta pots tied with festive ribbon just might become a favorite thing – plus, you can plant them in the garden after the holidays!  

Blue Christmas… Don’t let Elvis’ tune make you think otherwise, a blue Christmas, Hanukah, or holiday festivity can be quite stylish and garden based with a blue theme. Simply look to the garden!  

·         Blue Greenery? Yes ma’am! Sounds oxymoronic, but many garden goodies are blue green in color and make lovely holiday punches of this lovely color. Blue cedars, ligustrum and cedar berries, dried hydrangeas, and eucalyptus are all great blue greens for this holiday time.  
·         Take a blue flower… take blue flowers, such as delphinium, hydrangea, and iris and mix them with the blue green greenery or other winter greens for a twist on traditional holiday color schemes or as Hanukah décor. Add some white floral stems or chartreuse green buds for a pop too!  
·         Blue and white…jardinières, cachepots, urns, vases and planters, blue and white porcelain and pottery is just a winner. Red and green look fabulous in these containers as well as just about any other color combo. Try the blue on blue combo with the aforementioned flowers and greenery and be amazed at how wonderful A Blue Christmas can be.  

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas… if bold color or traditional color schemes are not your favorite suit, then dream up a white Christmas and holiday season for a fresh, clean, and cool feel to this time of year.  

·         White roses, orchids, hydrangea, amaryllis, Paperwhites, and lilies all look absolutely gorgeous mixed with winter greenery. A green and white color combo is neutral and won’t fight with your existing color schemes and makes for a lovely gesture and sentiment to bestow as a gift.  
·         Going classic or modern, this color combo is your answer to holiday color scheme dilemmas. Whether you arrange the stems in a modern cut glass container or your grandmother’s silver, green and white works well in any situation. I love to pair this combo with polished stones in a terrarium for a “mod meets classic” look, and of course, you can’t go wrong with this combo in julep cups! A winner either way!  

Color Your World… pick a favorite color and run with it this holiday season. Give yourself a green base of holiday trimmings, and your favorite color scheme will then bend toward the holidays.  

·         As the French say…Taking a favorite color and using it en masse or “used all together” will surely make a statement the holidays. If you simply love orange, then fill your home with shades of rust, copper, salmon, peach, and coral with stems, sticks, ornaments, and flowers in these shades.  
·         A rose by any other name… roses come in a vast array of colors, are readily available, and work well with for a holiday décor. Red roses of course make for a traditional nod to the season, but white roses massed with evergreen branches, and pine cones looks great throughout the holidays and again used in the winter. Lasting for a week or more, roses should be a definite part of your holiday tableaux.