The Farmer, Fox 5, Fruit and Flowers

For a segment on Atlanta’s Fox Five this past week on holiday centerpieces, this Farmer created a few different portrayals of pizzazz for your very own holiday tableaux. From a more modern usage of fruit, thick glass, and moss to a classic green and white wreathed pieced to a fancy and fruitful formal homage to the season, I had a ball creating these for this segment. Here are some details on making your own holiday centerpieces and arrangements! 

  • Modern Shades… shades of red such as garnet, ruby, deep coral can be found in pomegranates, apples, and pears. Try pairing pomegranates with oranges in a thick, cut glass container for a Mod Squad approach to centerpieces. Using floral picks or shish kabob skewers, anchor the fruit into a block of oasis surrounded by lovely moss for an updated look with classic elements. Use some chartreuse reindeer moss for a pop and tuck in some holly leaves for additional color. Williamsburg meets modernity! I love it!
  • From Christmas to New Year’s and Beyond! Try using a green, brown, and white palette that will hail the holidays and look great into the New Year. Pine, pine cones, cabbages, cedar, and holly are all over the garden and woods and look super with pillar candles arranged in different heights. A few lime green apples make the tapestry of greens POP and a ‘Little Gem’ magnolia leaf or two keeps the brown and green as a killer combo. Use this all holiday season long and into January for a gorgeous look! Plus, this arrangement is textured galore!
  • Who says ya gotta use red and green? If you‘re not aware, this Farmer loves shades, tints, and hues of oranges. From salmon, to peach, coral and copper, mixing different variations of this color is lovely mixed with greens. Sliced grapefruit and pomegranates and a touch of red from Winter Berry (Ilex verticilata), makes this combo fit right into the holiday season. A few orchids, callas, amaryllis, David Austen roses set in a creamware tureen – ah!!!! Just divine! And if visually this arrangement isn’t enough, the smell of the grapefruits and greenery is heavenly with that twinge of spicy sweet from the orchids.
    Go put your garden to bed for the winter, trimming your evergreens for holiday décor! Add some fresh fruit, a modern twist, or candles for your centerpieces and enjoy the party! Whether you have a house full of heavenly hosts or just you, make something special for your centerpiece. From this Farmer’s holiday tableaux to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!