Pimento Cheese - this Farmer’s Style

It hit me hard. A craving for pimento cheese just came out of nowhere and wham! I had to have some. 

The mother of one of my good buddies from my childhood in Hawkinsville made the best pimento cheese… and that’s the recipe I wanted to try. I couldn’t remember exactly how she made it, so I tried to recreate hers. Low and behold, I came out with a version I’m quite proud of. Like any dish, simple but good ingredients make the difference, and with pecans falling, a fall spin on this Southern classic was born.

Toasted pecans make just about anything better…tomato soup, any dessert, salads, and now pimento cheese. That essence, that flavor of goodness from a toasted pecan makes my taste buds sing. A slight salting doesn’t hurt either. A few of these from the farm goodies tucked into my pimento cheese sandwich were quite good my friends, quite good.

Now on to my next pimento cheese condiment…Wickle’s Pickles. Those of us who attended Auburn or are from that neck of the woods know what I’m talking about. These Dadeville, Alabama exports are pickles with a kick and are super right out of jar or on a sandwich or burger. (Try my pimento cheese and these pickles on a burger…wow!) Many of the major grocers are now carrying this brand so go get some as soon as you can! Be sure to try them with my pimento cheese and toasted pecans too…yum!

One may ask as to why I’ve had to offer condiments with my pimento cheese. Well, not everyone in my family likes pecans or pickles in their pimento cheese, so I make a batch plain and then allow folks to amend to their liking. I’ll have any and everything from the aforementioned pecans and pickles to peppers, olives, or onions for my family and friends to use as pimento cheese accoutrements… just depends on the crowd!

Whatever you serve your pimento cheese with or on, one should master the basic recipe. Mine is as basic as they come but good. I also love Sarah Barry’s Spoonful version which isn’t a far cry from mine. Plain Jane Pimento Cheese – maybe – but plain yummo nonetheless.  From this Farmer’s kitchen to yours, get your pimento cheese craving satisfied!

This Farmer’s Pimento Cheese

1 cup of finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup of finely shredded sharp Vermont white cheddar cheese
Half to three quarters cup of mayo…depends on how “creamy” you like it
Half a jar of Lindsay’s pimento pieces with some juice
Squirt of lemon juice
Lawry’s Season All to taste…about a dash
Morton’s Nature’s Seasoning to taste…about a dash
Pinch of cayenne pepper
Cracked black pepper to taste
Cracked sea salt to taste

  • Shred the cheeses (this makes a difference too…the already shredded is fine but shredding your own really does make a difference) and combine with seasonings and mayo until blended.
  • Serve with the condiments of your choice, on crackers, or good bread. How easy is that my friends?