A hosta leaf…a hydrangea blossom…a sunset…texture of foliage…a watermelon…Inspiration can sprout from some amazing places.

The sunset the other night, with its peachy gray/lavender/blue/pewter/platinum/periwinkle hues, inspired a series of pots and arrangement at a client’s house. What colors exactly were in the sunset were hard to name yet they created a menagerie composed of the softest hues of the aforementioned colors with metallic threads laced through. Simply stunning sunset and though my camera was not around, I captured it in the plantings, and, thus, will be able to recall the sunset whenever I see the plantings.

Same is true for flower arrangements. A watermelon rind inspired a hosta and fern combo arrangement and the cinnamon, copper tinged pitcher was the perfect vessel to showcase the arrangement… twigs of curly willow merrily springing forth and repeating the copper color as well. when I saw the green on green striations in dark and light forms of the color, I was reminded of the hosta leaves and the new shoots of Kimberly Queen fern were apropos with their own spring green tint and curling fronds.

While on the hosta leaf inspiration, the big leaves of the green and white varieties are one of my favorite types of hosta and foliage for that matter. The creamy to pure white variegation and dark green is just so cool and classic. Much like a white hydrangea, with its cottony mounds of white florets atop dark green leaves. When combined, the two make for a classic and stunning arrangement of the cool palette the hot summer can bring.

Green, in various and sundry shades are a particular favorite of mine. From the depth of forest greens to yellow or chartreuse and spring green, sometimes just a collection of greens can be just the ticket to a pretty composition full of texture and color richness. Ajuga, moss, ivy, huechera…all plants known for their foliage, are delightful as planting companions and fair well in the same growing mediums and environment. What is so fascinating to me is the base from which all these different tints stem from…green! Now the Ajuga is aubergine eggplant in its color depth but with a green undertone. The moss and huechera are lime yellow green - the very essence of chartreuse. The variegations of greens in the ivy are just perfect in this combo. I relish the opportunity to mix greens in a planting!

Take inspiration from your surroundings and keep your eyes peeled for an awesome texture, a fun combo, a natural juxtaposition, or a simple placement of interesting elements…from this Farmer’s garden, kitchen, and imagination – happy garden living!