Think Pink…Backyard, BBQ, and Baby

When two of my dearest friends found out they were expecting their first child, I was so thrilled and excited! I told them “Uncle James” would throw a shower, whether its “pink and green or blue and yellow…either is fine with me!” So, when baby Rainey turned out to be little Sarah Annsley Rainey, the pink and green came on out and my house was the setting!

BBQ, Asian slaw, monogrammed petit fours, and all the traditional accoutrements that accompany a barbeque were prepared and the party was set! Nothing like a Sunday afternoon dinner with a couple dozen of your friends!

Setting the table with the help of my sister Maggie, we chose my lavender dinnerware to accent with the pink checkered table cloth. Since pink and purple share a parent (red), their familiar color kinship is always a winning combination… and who says pink has to be dainty? I think pink is a great color, and one should “go pink or go home!” Thus, a darker magenta pink makes a statement, and for this Farmer, darker, hotter pinks are fun to combine with other colors i.e. chartreuse, silvery green, and other fun shades between. I love indigo and navy blue with dark pink too, so phaleonopsis orchids with hot pink centers added some height and color contrast in my blue and white containers.

Furthering the “pink and green scheme,” I festooned my table with the celebratory colors of our event for little Sarah Ann and created a “living arrangement” of potted hydrangeas, dwarf Artemisia, ruffle leaved ivy, and Rex Begonias. Stems of chartreuse spirea, karume azaleas, and fuzzy budded willow added some drama and fun color to the combo. Lime green moss and green mood moss accentuated the spirea and foliage, thus adding a spiffy border to my arrangement’s rim. Some preserved “shelf” mushrooms added to the au natural style, along with dimension and texture and I enjoy so much.

The day was gorgeous…that perfect, ephemerally fleeting moment in spring when the day is warm, the night is cool, and the dusk time hours are heavenly. Spilling onto tables inside and out, my guests were seated and fed…all of us happy as larks! Some of the best advice I can give hosts is to have fun and enjoy the party! Accommodate for your guests and make them feel right at home…a relaxed host or hostess makes for a relaxed party! Enjoy the food, the fun, and the fellowship and you just may be the happiest guest at the party!

I am always glad to host a fun time, whether it is a baby shower, a Christmas dinner party, or a supper club cocktail. So, remember the rule about this Farmer’s home and garden…if you come over once, you have to come over again! Happy Spring, ya’ll!