Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, lavender’s green!
When I am king, dilly dilly, you shall be queen!

This old English nursery rhyme is always revolving around the crazy record player in my mind when thinking of lavender.

I love lavender and the ranges it casts from blue to violet. Sunsets, clouds, sky, flowers, and even bark have lavender hues and winter reveals these tints with gusto. I guess it’s the grayness of the sky and tree trunks, but the faintest amethyst hues keep popping into mind during this season.

The center of some ornamental cabbages and kale inspired this tableau. A gorgeous shade of purple and the yet to bolt inner leaves of these attractive winter annuals display ranges of lilac, lavender, and blue greens that inspired me to set a table with all lavender dishes. The veins of these cabbages are even purple, now tracing a lavender vein through this tablescape.

A flaxy linen grain bag served as my cavalier or runner for the horizontal break on the table - an inspiration from Italy. Cabbages mounded in a blue/gray/lavender tinted urn were quite complementary to the tableware as the “off centerpiece” that balanced the pitchers and stemware on the serving piece.

Silver pitchers, muted a bit and unpolished, were hearty and harmonizing with the lavender dishes. And a collection of mismatched silver flatware contributed a degree of relaxed elegance and some provenance to the table as well.

Simple brown linen napkins kept the earthen tones grounded with this scheme, picking up the pecans and pine cones stacked in lavender bowls I had scattered around. Also, brown in the rusty birds and urn kept with the brown accents as well.

Lavender, brown, and silver were the resounding theme for this setting. Shades of each kept the natural tones of these colors in check with the inspiration. When taking inspiration from nature, I never know the end destination my inspiration will take me. The center of a cabbage led to a fun tablescape of mainly lavender with highlights of rust and silver. Totally appropriate for this time of year, this theme could also fair well through the other seasons with right accoutrements. I’m already dreaming of an all lavender setting with hydrangeas this summer and Mexican salvia this fall.

Keep your eyes and imagination sharpened and honed for where natural inspirations will take you. Plan a party or dinner and have some friends over for a lunch or night of fellowship and good times. Lavender’s blue…lavender’s green…such a lovely song!