Hydrangeas Part 2: Drying Advice

Drying hydrangeas may be accomplished with ease. Improper and premature cutting are most always the culprits as to why hydrangeas do not dry. So many times, folks have their cherished blooms crimp, shrivel, and wilt. Timing is everything with drying flowers, and hydrangea drying is of no exception.

Follow this tip for triumph with drying hydrangeas: By allowing the flowers to dry naturally on the bush, the need to preserve them with silicone gel or hanging them upside down becomes null and void. Clipping the blossoms once they no longer feel too “fleshy” but rather thicker and somewhat “papery,” rustling when you touch them, is a key to drying hydrangea success. Once your skilled “garden eye” has been honed, you will be able to scope out hydrangeas ready to be cut, arranged, and dried in place from twenty paces.

Share your garden treasures inside the home with arrangements of dried hydrangeas as wonderful accents on mantelpieces and atop shelves and cabinets.