Sour Cream Muffins…almost a buttermilk biscuit!

“Biscuits, always hand rolled, were about as big around as a small handed fist. Hot from the oven, the delightful blend of flour and buttermilk would dissolve in my mouth. In a way, this is how I imagined cotton would taste. When I traveled to Europe, my worries over European cuisine vanquished when I found a brown paper package tied with string. Its contents yielding a small cache of Mrs. Mary’s biscuits—making all the Parisian patisseries envious of my imported food stuffs from South Georgia. The tops of the biscuits would immediately from the oven be basted with butter, forming a flaky amber top. My iniquities would thus increase, adding another swab of sweet, creamy butter to the gauzy innards, forming such an unholy alliance of aromas and tastes that sinfully good could only describe. As domestic deity, Mary was unrivaled.”
- An excerpt from my memoirs…

Mrs. Mary makes the best buttermilk biscuits…THE BEST! I’ve watched her make them with flour, Crisco, buttermilk, pinches of salt, soda, and “sumpin” else but I can’t master her recipe. These sour cream muffins score a close second in taste to hers and have a great texture. The little morsels are a mainstay at la Farmer’s table!

sour cream muffins...almost a buttermilk biscuit!!!!!

8 ounces of sour cream

2 cups of self rising flour

1 cup of butter…2 sticks, softened

* Blend the above three ingredients until well incorporated. Spoon into muffin or mini muffin tins and bake at 375 until golden. (I like them slightly undercooked rather than crispy…that’s just this cooks preference!)

*Cook’s note…these little bits are something else…a dab of apple butter didn’t hurt either!

Serving these with the Farmer' Rosemary and Mustard Pork Tenderloin
wont hurt anyone's feelings either!