A Place to Call Home Book Launch!


A book launch –  a culmination of months and months and even years of hard work, planning, photographing and writing – a true fete accomplis. But a really fun time too!

Hats off to my amazing team at James Farmer Inc who worked tirelessly to help me design and install the homes featured in the book, to my assistant who coordinated all the shoots and the book release party and book tour too and to so many of y’all who have ordered and come to book signings and the open house too!


This book is something special for sure. My other books have shed light onto my passion for food and entertaining and celebrating our Southern culture, but A Place to Call Home highlights my “day job” as an interior designer. I’m often asked, “what do you actually do?” which I find somewhat funny to hear. But then, I have to think before I speak (which has had to become a learned habit y’all). I think about my design and art history degree from Auburn, about the homes across the South I have decorated and designed and the wonderful clients who entrust me with their homes. I think about all this and love that this book celebrates my day job – the staff at James Farmer Inc who make it all happen. As y’all will read, this book is dedicated to them.


So, the book launch… yes it was a blast. The flowers pretty and the food delicious and the crowd was perfect. And the weather… it felt like the perfect New England fall day right here in Georgia! But how humbling it was to watch a couple hundred people ooh and ahhh over our designs and for my team to hear the comments personally. Instagram pics and comments highlight things like this for sure too, but I am always on the “front line” and see folks in the field while my team of busy bees keep the hive buzzing! How special it was for them to be with me – it was a time to celebrate for sure!

Hope y’all enjoy some of these images from the book launch! Another question I’m always asked is “how do you do all you do?” Well, like with this book, my business and this party, my answer is always, “I couldn’t do it without my team.” Here’s to them!